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Our Frequently Asked Questions Page has all the information that you need to under the products that we offer. As we add new products, we will update this page however if you don't find what you are looking for feel free to get in contact with us.

Reusable Coffee Pods FAQ's

1. How to use your Reusable Coffee Pods

To get started

  • Take the capsule, Twist-off the lid. Fine grind your coffee.  Use the spoon to fill coffee grounds into the capsule and tamper slightly with tamper.
  • Give the edges of the capsule a quick brush off to remove loose grinds before closing the capsule to seal.
    - Don't over-fill and/or over-tamper the capsule. 
    • Do not try to force the unit closed.
    • Remove a small amount of coffee grounds from the pod and try again tamping gently.
  • Place the capsule into the compatible machine and close the handle.
  • Brew and enjoy!

2. How do I clean my Reusable Pod?

  • Take out the capsule, open the lid and dispose of the coffee grounds appropriately.
  • Rinse the capsule in clean water and brush mesh holes slightly.
  • Put the washed capsule in an appropriate place to keep them dry.

3. How do I get the most out of my Coffee Pods?

  • Try a range of different coffees and tamping pressures. 
  • Fine grain coffee tends to work best. Normal single use capsules tend to use fine grain coffees.
  • If you use fine grain coffee don't put too much pressure on with the tamper. Light pressure with the coffee coming up to just under the rim of the capsule is usually optimum.

4. Which machines are the Coffee Pods compatible with?
This capsule is Compatible with Nespresso® Coffee Machine after 2010. This coffee pod is compatible with Nespresso U, CitiZ ( Not Fit for D110 and Prodigio Krups ), Pixie, Le Cube, Maestria, Lattissima, Inissia and Concept. Not suitable with: Dolce Gusto, Essenza C100, Mini D30 and Mini C30 and Delonghi EN97. We will be launching other varieties of coffee pods shortly for other machines.

5.  What are the Coffee Pods made out of?
Our coffee pods are made out of 304 stainless steel so they are truly infinitely reusable.

6.  Won’t a stainless steel capsule damage the machine?
No, hundreds of tests have been done and the pressure points of the machine do not receive any excessive force.

7. The machine pierces through the classic Nespresso capsules, how do your coffee pods not get damaged?
Our coffee pod is slightly shorter than the classic capsules and is shaped so the machine does not have to pierce it. It has a specially designed filter on the inside of the lid to let the water pass through without any trouble

8. How long do they last?
If you take care of them and wash them after each use, they can last for 5+ years.

9. Will my machine lose its warranty if i use your Pods?
Absolutely not. Using our capsule is the same as using any other compatible capsule from different brands, e.g. Lavazza® or L’Or®. The only difference is that our capsule doesn't create any waste plastic/aluminium and saves you money.

Does the pod get hot after each use?
The pod gets super hot after each use, so you might have to wait for a minute or two before taking it out of the machine with your hand. If you want you can use a tool to take it out and place it under water to speed up the cooling process. If you plan on making coffees for friends and family as well then we recommend getting a pack with 2/3 capsules so you can use one after the other.

11. I have the Nespresso Vertuo, why won't my machine recognise my pod?

Simply half open and close the machine. Open the machine as you would normally, as the mechanism opens at halfway, tap the machine to close (the machine will close automatically) it should then identify the pod you have in the pod tray, repeat this until it identifies the pod.

12.  How often I need to descale/clean my machine?
On average, you should descale once every 3 months. This prevents a large amount of scale formation in your machine. Keeping your machine clean keeps it in good condition and extends its lifespan
  • Coffee can get caught in or around the brewing chamber, causing the machine to malfunction
  • Run a machine cleaning cycle by simply flushing water through internal parts.
  • To run a cleaning cycle if your specific machine has this function