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Reusable Coffee Pods for Beginners

May 05, 2021

Gianpaulo Coletti

Congratulations, you have decided to improve the environment and opted to brew your coffee with reusable coffee pods at home.

Firstly there are a few steps you will need to make sure you have considered before you start your coffee brewing journey.

  • Insure you have fresh coffee beans, already ground coffee will not cut it and your bound to have disappointment
  • Invest in a burr grinder (conventional grinders won’t give you the grind size you will require)
  • Patience to follow the process, pod coffee is quick and easy once you have mastered the basic's.

Now, please keep this in mind - As you have made the decision to use reusable pods, this can take some time to get it right and it can involve a trial-and-error process. 1. To get the coffee just how you like it. 2. Everyone is different.

Most reusable pods can give you the same convenience as disposal pods however, with the store brought variety most have been filled and tested to ensure consistency and are substituted with flavour enhancers and additives to create an enhanced coffee every time - you are doing this manually and its a completely different process altogether.


To get started, you'll need an empty pod - clean and dry!

Step 1. Take the pod, remove the lid by either a twist and/or undo the lid.  
Use the spoon to fill with your favourite coffee grounds.  A fine grind works best and tamper slightly with a tamper (with a teaspoon if you don’t have a tamper).
Step 2. Give the edges of the pod a quick brush to remove any loose grinds before closing the Pod to seal (this should be easy and not forced)
Step 3. Place the pod into your compatible machine as normal and start the machines brewing process. 
Step 4. Brew and enjoy - Good on brew!


We recommend and advise not to put your reusable pod into the dishwasher as your reusable pods are not dishwasher safe and require hand washing.  This way you are ensuring it lasts for a lifetime.

Step 1. Take out the pod, open the lid and dispose of the coffee ground appropriately.

Step 2. Rinse the pod in clean water and brush all spaces slightly.

Step 3. Put the washed pod in an appropriate place to keep safe and dry.

If you are struggling with the consistency of the coffee, follow the getting started steps 1, 2, 3 and adjust your grind size accordingly

If liquid spills out of the machine, you may have over-filled and/or over-tamped the pod. 

  • Try not to overfill and force the pod closed, this should easily close.
  • Reduce the amount of coffee from the pod and try again tampering quite gently.
  • You may have ground your coffee too fine, try grinding slightly larger
  • Your machine may need a descale and/or maintenance – when was the last time you gave your machine some TLC? Time to give your machines some love.

If all fails, contact DMC for further assistance by emailing us:

You made it! You are brewing your own coffee at home and doing your part to reduce your carbon foot print.

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