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The Kolo Kollection

The Kolo Kollection

Discover our new coffee collection, where each blend tells a unique story of flavor and craftsmanship:

  • Kolo Klassic: Indulge in a balanced and smooth medium roast, boasting delightful notes of nuts and milk chocolate. Sourced from Colombia Excelso and Brazil Mogiana, this blend offers a harmonious fusion of the finest beans, perfect for espresso or milk-based drinks.

  • Kolo Dekaf: Experience Colombian coffee with a natural sweetness in our decaf option, crafted using the Swiss Water Process. This dark roast delights with notes of black tea and caramel, providing a caffeine-free option without compromising on flavour.

  • Kolo Konnoisseur: Embark on a journey of fruity flavours with hints of vanilla and caramel in this medium roast blend. Sourced from the Huila region in Colombia, it's crafted from the highest-grade Colombian specialty coffee, ensuring a delightful cup every time.

  • Kolo Kicker: Delight in a medium roast blend with fusions of milk chocolate, fruity, and walnut flavours. Sourced from the picturesque Cauca region in Colombia, this blend is perfect for espresso or milk-based drinks, offering a creamy and flavorful experience.

Experience the essence of Colombian coffee craftsmanship in every sip. '

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