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Don Massimo Coffee offers a number of different packages for coffee drinkers to enjoy depending on how much and how often they drink coffee as well as for businesses that have different varieties of coffee drinkers.

These packages have been put together to provide you the best value in money and the inclusions that will suit your coffee drinking needs. Below are the different packages that Don Massimo Coffee offers for coffee enthusiasts around the world so they can enjoy pure Colombian coffee in the comfort of their home.

If you're not too sure which package is suited to you, chat with us online or email us at! 



These packages are designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, whether you enjoy having coffee in the morning, over lunch or after dinner. All our products are available in curated packages that will allow you to enjoy coffee the way you like it or explore a new way to enjoy coffee.

Light Package

These Coffee Enthusiasts are ones that drink coffee irregularly but enjoy it when they do. Maybe you drink one coffee a day or only drink coffee when you have friends come over. These packs come with the basic needs for you to have coffee at home and include the smaller size products that we offer. 

Regular Package

These Coffee Enthusiasts are ones that drink coffee quite regularly and sometime have two or more coffees a day. You probably have multiple coffees in the morning to wake up and get ready for work or your day. These packs come with the medium size products that we offer.

Heavy Package

These Coffee Enthusiasts are the ones that drink coffee like its water – you have multiple coffees back to back and its part of your DNA. You’ll probably have coffee with breakfast, lunch and dinner and everywhere in between. In short – you love coffee. These packs come with the large size products that we offer.

Extreme Package

So you drink coffee a bit too much - don't worry we do too! These packages are designed for those extreme drinkers who need to slow down on coffee a bit but will never.



If you’re like Don Massimo then you like to entertain guests for a variety of different occasions and enjoy serving coffee to your friends. Here at Don Massimo Coffee, we have designed Entertainment Packages that will allow you to entertain guests at home and really enjoy our coffee and products.

Light Entertainment Package

You like to have friends over but it's not a regular occurrence - when you do you want to make sure that they enjoy your company.  

Regular Entertainment Package

Once a fortnight or once a month, you have people over to chat up over what's been happening.

Heavy Entertainment Package

You maybe entertain guests a lot more frequently than you should and have a get together once or twice a week.

Extreme Entertainment Package


Your guests should probably just live with you at this point because you are entertaining people a bit too much and see yourself as a socialite that can't go without having people over.



Our packages aren't just limited to your own use, we have packages that are suited towards Small Businesses and Home Offices (because they are the best). 

Small Business Packs

You run a small business, your staff need coffee, you love coffee. Don Massimo knows that coffee motivates staff and improve productivity so we have assembled this office pack to ensure you can give your staff great coffee that they can enjoy at any part of the day. Need more equipment for your larger offices, you can add them on or contact us for a solution suited to your needs. 

Home Office Packs

Not everyone works in an office (like us) and work from home, meet clients at home and just enjoy their home office – so why not enjoy our coffee products at your home office. We have designed this pack to ensure that you can enjoy coffee and allow your clients that visit your home to enjoy coffee as well. Partner these with our coffee subscription that is coming soon and you’ll have yourself and your staff covered for coffee.



Need a gift for a special occasion like a birthday, house warming, wedding, anniversary or just to say thank you! Check out our gift section and review the different packages that we have to cover you for that special occasion.



Want to thank your staff or employees for a job well done but can't find the gift that you want or something that isn't special enough. Don Massimo Coffee has a range of corporate gifts that are suited towards your business, rewarding your staff with great products.

We can cater from small businesses to large corporations. Whilst you can see these products on our website, you will need to contact us directly to discuss these packages and our fulfilment of your needs. Don't despair, if the corporate gifts on our website don't suit you, just send us an email to discuss a more custom gift.

Corporate gifts can be used as incentives for staff, wedding gifts or any other occasion that you want to gift in a sizeable quantity.

Please allow up to 60 days for these corporate gifts however this will be based on your needs.



From time to time we will release limited edition packages for you to enjoy for Christmas, Valentines Day or other occasions, but make sure you get in quick as there will be limited quantities and you don't want to miss out! In limited release we will have speciality coffee that you can purchase as part of these packages. Please note that once they are sold out, they are sold out.



We must admit, there is a lot to choose from but if you can't find what you are looking for and want our help putting together a custom pack, reach out to us at so we can discuss.