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Reusable Coffee Pods

Reusable Coffee Pods

Imagine finding an eco-friendly product that will save you nearly $500 a year, reduce the waste that you throw out and allow you to enjoy your coffee you want in the pod machine you have at home?

Pod machines are a great way to get your perfect espresso shot at home, and here at Kolo Koffee we believe in getting you the best coffee possible which is why we stock a full range of reusable pods, made of professional kitchenware 304 grade of stainless steel. Our pods are a one-time purchase that will save you hundreds of dollars, with disposable pods costing between $0.80 - $3.00 per cup of coffee.

Our Pods are easy to use, just scoop in your espresso ground coffee, a small tamp (4-6 kgs), pop the lid back on and push through your machine. Our specially designed pods allow you to get a rich espresso that doesn’t rely on chemicals to produce a crema.

Not only a fantastic sustainable option for both environment and your pocket, our pods help you get the best cup of coffee your pod machine can offer. At Kolo Koffee we believe you shouldn’t have to trade great coffee for convenience.