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Do you know where your coffee comes from?

Do you know where your coffee comes from?

Aug 15, 2022

Regan Benson

Did you know that a coffee bean is not a bean? They are called beans as they look similar to them. So, if your coffee bean is not a legume, what is it? Your freshly brewed coffee is made from coffee seeds that come from the fruit known as a coffee cherry. But the question is, do you know where the coffee beans that make your morning brew came from?

Where is coffee grown?

Let’s fill you in a little about where coffee is grown. Most coffee is grown in the Bean belt. Just like wheat grows well in Australia’s Wheatbelt, coffee prefers growing in the Bean belt, located between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. This belt that encircles the globe is usually sunny and doesn’t have freezing temperatures. Ironically, coffee prefers to grow in these regions’ cooler and wetter conditions.

There are over 70 countries that grow coffee in the Bean belt. Your coffee beans are most likely grown in one of these countries: Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. These five countries grow around 75% of all the coffee - and Brazil produces a whopping 35% of it.

Single-origin coffee or Blended coffee?

Although coffee is grown within the Bean belt, each region grows their coffee in different soils, climates, altitudes and growing conditions. These unique growing conditions from each area add a distinct flavour to the coffee. As a result, some coffee lovers are drawn to the distinctive tastes of Single-origin coffee, where the beans come from the same farm or region, and the origin is traceable.

If your coffee is not Single-origin coffee, it is Blended coffee, a mixture of beans from different regions, even countries. Blended coffee enhances all the best qualities of the beans from each region to create a smooth and balanced coffee. It also helps develop a consistent taste, so you will get the same taste in every cup of coffee you drink.

Where does Don Massimo coffee come from?

We are proud to say that our Don Massimo coffee is a Single-origin coffee from Colombia. So not only do we know the country it was produced in, but we can also tell you the name of the  farmer who grew it, washed and roasted it before being shipped to Australia.

So, who grows our coffee?

Don Massimo.

Don Massimo is not just the name of the coffee but also my father’s name. He is the proud and hardworking coffee farmer who grows our coffee on our ‘Granja’ in the hills of Fredonia, within Medellin’s famous Colombian coffee plantations. 

Our coffee is hand-picked by locals, hand washed using fresh spring water, and roasted onsite. Roasting on-site allows the aroma to be undiluted, so we ensure that when you open Don Massimo Coffee beans in Australia, you taste the freshness of pure Colombian coffee.

This process produces a unique tasting Single-origin coffee from our area. We could almost call it a one-of-a-kind! We also create blends from different crops on the farm to offer a smoother roasted cup of coffee.

Once packed, we ship it to Australia and directly to cafes and online shoppers. We also send it to our cafe, Recharge Coffee and Bites, in Burswood, Perth.

Are you ready to taste Don Massimo’s eco-friendly coffee that comes directly from his farm in the hills of Fredonia, Colombia? Check out the store on our website. 

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Do you know where your coffee comes from?

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