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The Trip Our Coffee Takes

Feb 07, 2021

Gianpaulo Coletti

From our family farm to your home, our Colombian Blend Coffee takes a bit of a trip for you to enjoy.

Starts at our Farm

In the village of Fredonia outside of Medellin our coffee goes through a process of being grown and roasted on the farm. Once it's packaged, it's ready to go.

A Trip From Fredonia to Medellin

When it's ready to go our coffee takes a trip from Fredonia into Medellin where it's processed for shipping to Australia. 

Medellin to Bogota

The coffee will then be processed into Bogota, the capital of Colombia, where it's ready to be dispatched on it's trip to Australia.

Bogota to the United States

Generally our coffee takes it's first trip into Florida or Ohio (depending where DHL ships to first). 

United States to Perth

Ok so this trip can go a few different ways - either the coffee goes from the United States into Singapore then onto Perth. However with the way the world is, recently our coffee has had a bit of an excursion heading to Germany, then onto the United Kingdom before going to Singapore and Perth.


We utilise DHL to deliver our coffee into Australia, the quickest way to get it to us. The trip also gives time for the coffee to degas and mature, so when you taste it you get that superior Colombian taste.

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