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Kolo Koffee Beans

Kolo Koffee Beans

Looking for a coffee beans that have a smooth taste, that is eco-friendly and socially responsible?

Look no further than Kolo Koffee Pure Colombian Blend Coffee!

The coffee beans you purchase comes from a family farm nestled in the mountains of Fredonia, where the coffee beans are grown without the use of any chemicals and only the best coffee beans are picked from the trees. Washed in natural spring water and dried in the Colombian sun light, our coffee stands out from others by being roasted on the farm in Colombia before you can enjoy at home.

When you purchase Kolo Koffee Beans, you are not only supporting our family business but a community - the coffee bags are made by locals in Colombia (not imported into Colombia) and the farm supports locals that have lost their jobs due to Covid-19. We're a family business that supports other families!